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  • Teluk Chempedak

    Kuantan is blessed with a variety of beaches; the most well-known beach in Kuantan is Teluk Chempedak. The 900 meter long stretch of pristine white shell sand connects Kuantan with the South China Sea, which offers a constant roar of waves pounding the Kuantan Beach. Teluk Chempedak, Tranquil Beach TC is an oasis of tranquility, […] Share this:TweetEmail

  • Taman Gelora

    Taman Gelora is a park located between the Royal Kuantan Golf Club, the Kuantan River estuary and Kuantan town. The park has a nearly 1.5 kilometer jogging track. Share this:TweetEmail

  • Shopping In Kuantan

    Shopping in Kuantan is great fun for the whole family, as Kuantan town is the only real city in the Kuantan District. Share this:TweetEmail

  • Kuantan Beaches

    Kuantan District or Daerah Kuantan as it is locally know has nearly 40 kilometers of beaches which stretches from the Swiss Garden Beach Resort (Pantai Swiss Garden) Share this:TweetEmail

  • Food Kuantan

    >Kuantan is located on the Malaysian east coast, which has a large variety of dishes particular for this region of the country. The Malaysian east coast cuisine is influenced by the traditional Malay culture, The Chinese influence from Chinese immigrants which came here 100-150 years ago and Thailand just located to the north. Share this:TweetEmail

  • Sungai Lembing Tin Mine Town

    There was a time when Sungai Lembing, hidden in the lush forested and mountainous area near Kuantan, Pahang, was among the richest towns in Asia. In the 1700’s locals found metallic minerals in the lands around Sungai Lembing including small quantities of gold, silver, iron ore, but the main find was tin ore. Over the […] Share this:TweetEmail

  • Three Dee Gallery Sungai Lembing

    The Three Dee Gallery at Malaysia’s oldest mining village, Sungai Lembing in Kuantan is the latest tourist attraction the town has secured recently. Three Dee Gallery The Sungai Lembing Three Dee Gallery is a collection of 15 digital 3D prints, located at the ground floor, and 15 painted 3D sceneries. All these pieces of art […] Share this:TweetEmail

  • Gambang, Pahang

    Gambang is one of these small Malaysian towns that was hard to discover, as it mainly lived of agricultural activities. Until many years ago the Lebuhraya Pantai Timur (LPT) passed by its doorstep, and Gambang became an official exit on the LPT leading to the nearest airport Sultan Ahmad Shah Airport in Kuantan. Bukit Gambang […] Share this:TweetEmail