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Advertise With Us

We congratulate you for your interest to advertise with us in a Touristic Development Sdn Bhd product – This website is specifically build with the purpose to help and assist local Tourism related businesses to promote their services and drive more traffic to their own websites.

Touristic Development Sdn Bhd

Touristic Development Sdn Bhd (TDSB) is a online publishing and digital advertising agency with the prestigious Malaysian MSC status. The sole purpose of Touristic Development is to promote travel and tourism around the globe, attracting targeted traffic and stimulating the use of internet tourism and travel related content and traffic.

Advertising With

We like to keep advertising with us as simple as possible and charge the same price for listings whether you are a large scale international operation or a mam-and-pap travel business. Herewith we level the advertising playing field, and provide services for even the smallest of advertising budgets. This helps to promote the Kuantan District, and stimulates overall tourism growth in the long run.

Who Can Advertise on

In principle we are all about promoting the travel and tourism industry. If you own a flower shop which delivers to hotels guests, you would be more than welcome to advertise. If you are a industrial manufacturing plant making ball bearings, we assure you this is not an advertising channel for you.

Advertising Business Listings

Simple, straight forward, you pay one amount per year for your company listing, with this you get access to your own account in order to make changes, add pictures, and many other options.

  • 1-Year Listing – RM399.00

Note – Choosing for a free listing will provide you with very limited information options, only one picture, no opening times, no telephone number, no email address etc.

1 – Advertisements will only remain active after full-payment is received by the publisher.
2 – Advertisements can be rejected, upon discretion of the publishing director
3 – We do not accept advertisements which promote, violence, hatred, sexual topics, gambling and other controversial topics.

Advertising Banner Ads

We teamed up with Google to run advertisements on, therefore you can set in your Google Adwords account as a preferred platform to show your ads. But if you would like to advertise banners on our website then feel free to contact us to discuss the options. Email – [email protected]

  • Banner ad 970×90 top – RM399.00 / month
  • Banner ad 970×90 top – RM2,299.00 / year (12 x 1 month) – various positions
  • Banner ad 970×90 bottom – RM399.00 / month
  • Banner ad 970×90 bottom – RM2,299.00 / year (12 x 1 month) – various positions

Advertising Jobs at TouristicKuantan

We provide job advertisements on with a one month time frame. Send us your job advertisements by email, in order for our content team to make the placement
Every job advertisement should contain the following elements, company description and nature of business, job description, requirements, rewards, and requested skills. Please also include contact person, email address, telephone number and activation date, and how many months you want to place the advertisement. Email – [email protected]

  • 1-Month Job Advertisement – RM150.00
  • 2-Month Job Advertisement – RM225.00
  • HR Package – 10 Job Advertisements / year – RM1,399.00
  • HR Package – 25 Job Advertisements / year – RM2,999.00
  • HR Package – 50 Job Advertisements / year – RM4,999.00

Commercial Event Listings

We differentiate between commercial and non-commercial events (sports, community, religious etc)
Email – [email protected]

  • Commercial Event – RM399 / event

Free Announcements

Email – [email protected]

  • Non-Commercial Events
  • Sports Events
  • Community Activities
  • Religious Events and Activities