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About Us


Touristic Development Sdn Bhd (a MSC-Status Company) is an online publisher, specialized in websites and web portals specifically focused towards the Travel and Tourism industry.

It’s Touristic Development’s main objective to promote and stimulate internet driven travel traffic to websites of the travel partners and travel vendors.

Touristic Development’s Concept

The Touristic Development concept is based on an ever-growing digital traffic stream which converts on third party vendor websites, instead of the travel vendors’ own website. The high commissions paid per conversion keep rising year-upon-year, which reduces the margins for hotels, restaurants, airlines and rental car companies.

The Touristic Development Solution

The principle of the solution is relatively easy in theory, but rather complex in its execution, as online marketing, search engine optimization and digital advertising techniques are applied to counter-act the current trends in the travel and tourism industry. is a portal which redirect traffic directly to the travel partners own website and assists to improve conversion rates.

The Future

Currently a technical team of seven IT Engineers is working to enhance the solutions even further. These new platforms will benefit all early-adopters, and will have priority once the future system goes live in Q1 2016.

The World Will Know To Travel Touristic!